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Hello, Coker Cubs!  The first day of school has come and gone, yet we are in the process of looking for new committee chairs for the various programs, planning for programs, events, and parties.  We are in real need of some officer positions and committe chairs.  You can see the list of open positions on the Executive Board page below.  If you are interested in any open PTA position, please let me know by emailing me at:  tmeador@satx.rr.com.  Thank you.

Volunteerism and Fair

As we're getting into the routine of school, we are recruiting volunteers for different events, including for Fair.  Fair is a little over a month away, and albeit we've formed the committee and met a couple of times, we've got some key positions on the fair committee empty.  We need a Coker Snack Shack (cotton candy, popcorn, sausage on a stick) coordinator.  We also need a Fair Volunteer Coordinator.  Some of the groundwork has already been done, and just need someone who can dedicate a little time between now and Fair, and then the night of Fair.

When a vacancy occurs in any office or committee chairmanship, a gap is created.  That gap, especially in running a PTA program, ends up being filled by whomever can or will step up.  Many times, and especially so far with Fair, I am the one who has stepped in.

Unfortunately, I am not able to multitask well in all the positions I hold and support.  Instead of us getting a great program or event, the membership and community gets cheated.  It's not right.

What is the solution?  Volunteerism.  We have over 850 students, and easily over 400 parents.  I know that not all of us are available to help during some of the PTA events, because of work or family issues.  That's just the way life is.  I do know that few of us feel confident in our own abilities to step up and help out.  I want you all to know, if you're a parent, your job as parent is much more difficult than anything PTA could require.  I do not want anyone to have that lack of confidence in themselves at all.

When PTA puts on something like the Fair, Fiesta, Art Smart, etc., the students who see us volunteering and running those programs smile.  Childrens' smiles, laughter, and joy, in my opinion, are incredibly infectious.  It makes coming up to the school to do PTA work so much easier and worthwhile.

I am sharing my thoughts with you because I want their smiles, laughter, and job for something for you to experience as well.

So please, if you said you'd volunteer (though the volunteer forms), please make every effort to do so.  If you haven't said you'd volunteer, please give volunteering a chance.  Without you, we can't sustain, and we certainly can't grow.

October PTA Meeting

On Tuesday, October 4th, 2016, at 6:00 pm, PTA will have our second General Meeting.  Shortly afterward will be the 3rd Grade Music Showcase.  We hope  to see you all there.

Important Dates

Tuesday, October 4th, 6 pm -- Coker PTA meeting and 3rd Grade Music Showcase

Wednesday, October 5th, 4-6 pm -- Fundraising Distribution in the bus loop

Friday, October 7th -- Early Dismissal

Monday, October 10th -- School Holiday

PTA's Mission

In case no one knows the mission of PTA, I wanted to state it here:

1)  Child Advocacy

2)  Parent Education

3)  Family Involvement

This year, we have plans for more family events as well as educational ones as well.  Please stay tuned to this webpage, or the Facebook page, for more details.


Respectfully yours,


Trey Meador

Coker PTA




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There are always opportunities to volunteer!

Go to our Executive Board tab and look for open positions.

Coker PTA would LOVE to have you!


 Please remember ALL visitors MUST check in at front office and obtain a badge.  This is for the safety of ALL children on campus!



ALL volunteers must be DPS cleared.  Please go to our "Links" tab for the direct link to register.




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